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AES Select Studbook and Premium Programme

As part of our continued investment in people and technologies, we are proud and delighted to launch our brand-new AES Select Studbook and Premium Programme aimed at providing an exceptional service and recognition to those breeders who go above and beyond in aiming to breed the very highest quality horses for the future. 


Who is eligible?


To participate in the Premium Programme, horses and foals must be entered in the AES Select Studbook. This special section of the main studbook is reserved for horses who not only fulfil the criteria of having full three generation pedigrees and being by fully WBFSH licensed stallion. Beyond that, they need to be out of AES graded mares, and submit DNA samples for full parentage verification. 


The programme is open foals born from 2021 and to older horses who can apply for an upgrade. 


The cost of entry into the select studbook for foals in £70, which includes their passport and full DNA test. 


The cost of upgrading your already registered AES horse or youngster into the select studbook is £50.


How can I grade my mare with the AES?


To be eligible for grading for the purpose of her offspring being eligible for the Select Studbook, your mare needs to have main studbook, full pedigree papers with the AES or another WBFSH member studbooks.


She needs to be inspected on hard and soft ground by our evaluation team. On the hard, we assess conformation, soundness and correctness, and on the soft we assess walk, trot and canter, with jump optional, if it is safe to do so and does not conflict with the welfare interest of the mare. 


During ongoing Covid restrictions, we will continue to offer virtual evaluations for mares, although we are very much hoping to offer physical options later on in the season. 


Virtual mare gradings cost £40 per mare, physical mare gradings start at £50 plus travel costs, which can be shared. 


What is the AES Select Premium Programme


The AES Select Premium Programme offers special recognition and rewards for its very best and highest achieving foals and horses. 

To participate in the premium programme, your foal or horse needs to be entered in the select studbook and needs to be inspected on hard and soft ground by our evaluators, undergoing the same stages as a mare grading. Jump will only be assessed in horses aged 2 or older. 


The AES Select Type Premium


This Premium is awarded to foals and horses who particularly impress with exceptional conformation and movement and have gained an average mark of 8 or higher for this element of their inspection.


The AES Select Health Premium


This Premium is awarded to foals and horses whose soundness and conformation has been evaluated by a veterinarian, and who have gained a mark of 8 or higher or this element of their inspection. In addition, to gain this premium, a DNA sample must be submitted for a WFFS test, which will be recorded on the AES Database.


The cost of achieving the Health Premium is £50, which includes the WFFS test. 


The AES Select Performance Premium


This Premium is available to the older horses in the Select Studbook, and it will be awarded based on national and international performance records. If you would like to check if your horse is eligible, please submit their full performance record for review. 


The AES Select Legacy Premium


This Premium recognises to achievements and contributions of horses in breeding exceptional offspring. It is awarded at the discretion of the evaluation panel for achievements of a horse’s offspring, including their studbook evaluations, gradings, shows and affiliated competitions. 


How can my horse participate in the Premium Programme?


As with the mare gradings, we will offer a virtual option this year in response to the covid situation. We are planning physical inspection events, as soon as we are permitted to hold public events and travel across the UK. 


Virtual mare gradings cost £40 per mare, physical mare gradings start at £50 plus travel costs, which can be shared. 


To find out more, do not hesitate to get in touch and email [email protected] or [email protected].

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