The AES Passport

'Give your quality sport horse the passport it deserves and register with AES!'

The AES passport is the most progressive and best fraud-protected equine passport in the world. With the linen paper cover and the PVC wallet it is made of the finest and most sustainable materials you can get. And we have to say the design is beautiful as well.

It includes a lot of new features that other studbooks just don’t have, like the QR-Code that is working with the AES App for Android and IOS, but also the breeding is shown through the window on the cover, so you never have to open all of your passports anymore when looking for a specific horse. All AES registered horses are searchable on our website and with the AES App. Members can add pictures, texts, video’s and results to their horses in our database and make a live connection with Hippomundo, Horsetelex and even the FEI. In the near future the results from British Showjumping and British Eventing will be shown in our database with each horse, and hopefully other federations all over the world will follow soon.

The AES passport

When it comes to fraud-protection the AES passport is lightyears ahead of any other studbook’s passports in the world. Our paper is washed in special fluidal ink and contains both a watermark and fluoric fibres that can often only be found in banknotes. The medical pages are perforated with the issuing date and cannot be removed or replaced without notice. The first page contains a validation hologram and a printed micro text, this text is only readable under a magnifying glass or microscope and can't be copied. All these new features and protections are making the AES passport the document for the future.