Anglo European Studbook North America
Mr Guy Huybrechts
Vizcaya of the Sun Farms
1633 Trotter Court
FL 33414

[email protected]


Mobile and Whatsapp :  + 1 561 578 2955  OFFICE : +1 305 454 1475


Thank you for reaching out to the AES for N. America.

It will be a pleasure to assist you.

Don't hesitate to call/text us in case you have any further questions.


Warmest equestrian regards ,





Stichting AES Kantoor
Dutch, English
Anglo European Studbook
Joris van den Oetelaar, Director
Dutch, English
Steve Lamb, Manager
Hannah Legrand, Office Manager UK Office
Kees van den Oetelaar, Director
Dutch, English, German
Hermann Wieben, Stallion Grading Agent/ General Manager Deutschland
Bernard Demets, Agent (France / Switzerland) (Seulement informations concernant approbations étalons)
Dutch, English, French, German
Joanna Rosicka, Agent (Poland)
English, Polish
Guy Huybrechts, Breeding & Stallion Grading Representative (USA)
Dutch, English, French, German
Alessandro Del Anna
English, Italian
Aziz El Morabit, Project Manager
Arab, English, French, German
Lucy Simpson, Evaluator (UK/Scotland)
Dr Eva-Maria Broomer, PR Manager/Evaluator(UK)
English, German
Jekaterina Melnika, Agent (Baltics & Russia)
English, French, Letvian, Russian
Hilde Demets, Secretary AES France (Informations inscription poulains et approbations étalons)
Dutch, English, French
Koen Olaerts, Agent (Belgium)
Dutch, English, French
Emilia Džambo, Agent (Croatia)
Croatian, English
Houman Mansourian, Agent (Islamic Republic of Iran)
France office
Dutch, English, French