Monday, October 12

Son of Vangelis S wins HOYS Grand Prix

The graded AES stallion Vangelis S, former top horse of Robert Smith, has dilivered the Grand Prix winner at HOYS Birmingham. It was Billy Twomey who was offered the flowers after the only double clear on the horse Diaghilev, by Vangelis. Irish rider Anthony Condon placed eighth after five penalty points in the second round on the AES stallion Aristio, by Arko III. In the 1.60m class Accumulator with Joker on Saturday, Yazmin Pinchen placed fourth on her AES horse Ashkari (Tornado). On Sunday she placed fourth in the speed class. Helen Tredwell won the Five Fence Stake on Friday night on the horse Sebastien, an AES horse by Unbelievable Darco. She shared the victory with Billy Twomey and his later Grand Prix winning horse Diaghilev. Philip Miller and Unbelievable Lady, also by Unbelievable Darco, placed sixth in the Five Fence Stakes.