Monday, December 23

AES battle in GP London Olympia

In the end the AES stallions are the best! Yesterday during the last night of show jumping at London Olympia this year, Tripple X III beat Argento after a very close run. Video images show that Tripple X III and Ben Maher lay in front of Johan Whitaker on Argento in the beginning of the shortened jump-off course. At the mid-point, Argento took over the lead, but in the last line Tripple X III made one step less to the last obstacle, finally winning the battle with 0,07 of a second lead on Argento. Both stallions are AES born in Great-Britain and they are both AES approved. William Funnell won the speed stakes on Saturday with Billy Mexico (Cevin Z) and finished up third on another own bred Billy Balou (Cevin Z)  in the Christmas Masters.