Monday, October 13

Tripple X III leads Canada to 2nd place at Furusiyya fund Final

Tiffany Foster and the famous AES icon Tripple X III, formerly ridden by Ben Maher, have jumped a clear round for Canada and offered her country second place in the Furusiyya Final at CSIO Barcelona. The victory went to the Dutch world champions. They got 500.000 euro . Canada placed second with also Eric Lamaze (Zigali) on zero. Yann Candele (Showgirl) had one down. Second place implicated a money prize of 300.000 euro. Belgium still had 135.000 euro for fourth place. Pieter Devos had just a foot in the water on the AES horse Dylano (Cento Lano), he recently bought from Maurice Van Roosbroeck.

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