Friday, August 11

An Invitation from the Anglo European Studbook and Brightwells Auctions

Riders and owners from the equestrian community are warmly invited to join us on 18th August 2017 for our second AES Elite Foal Auction at Addington Manor EC, organised in cooperation with Brightwells Auctions. 

45 foals, bred for show jumping, dressage or eventing, have been selected from across the country, with selectors travelling as far afield as Devon and Inverness. 

Entries for the auction were fantastic in terms of quantity, as well as quality, with foals boasting fantastic pedigrees and showcasing the vast improvements made in British breeding in recent years.


It has been an exhilarating time for AES breeders and for the studbook evaluators: Having covered journeys of several thousands of miles and having inspected a truly impressive range of foals, we are proud to present this year’s AES Elite Foal Auction catalogue.


Studbook Director Joris van den Oetelaar explains:


“Our breeders deserve a market place for their foals, and a platform to showcase the very best of British breeding. This auction is our way of giving something back to the breeding community: a place where our breeders can reach out to serious and knowledgeable buyers from the entire UK and beyond.”


This does not only provide a vital service for breeders, but also for buyers. When we ask professional riders and owners why so many still go abroad to buy foals, the answer is always the same: Buyers need to be able to see a great range of foals in one convenient location. 


We breed fantastic quality in Britain, but it can be hard to find these foals, and even harder to go and see them, with many breeders not well equipped to show foals at home, or breeding in remote locations and in small numbers. The ethos of this auction is to provide a professional showcase for these foals and make things as convenient and accessible as possible for our owners and riders. 


The AES evaluators were impressed with the breadth and depth of quality breeders presented to them. 


AES spokesperson Dr Eva-Maria Broomer was responsible for researching the breeding of each foal:


“It was fantastic to see that our breeders do not only using excellent stallions, but breeding from outstanding mares. We made some wonderful discoveries. It is exciting to enter a mare’s details into a database, only to find that what you are looking at is the dam line of an all-time legend like Cicero, or Kostolany! Our auction selection really speaks for itself, and was very well received by international riders and owners when we presented it at our stand at the World Breeding Championships at Ermelo.”


For more information about the auction foals, including pedigrees, videos and photographs, go to:


To find out more about the timetable or how to book, please go to:


We hope that this wonderful initiative will be well supported by the equestrian community, and are looking forward to seeing everybody at Addington on 18th August!


The auction will be live streamed online, so anybody can follow it from home. For clients wishing to bid, but are unable to attend the auction, Brightwells will be delighted to assist. Phone bidding will be available. Brightwells ask that clients make contact with them before the sale, in plenty of time, and register their interest.    


To arrange telephone bidding or book your tickets, please contact: 

Sarah Johnson on 0044 (0) 7900 784014 or [email protected]         

Darren Williams on 0044 (0) 7790 771458 or [email protected]   

Sale day office number 0044 (0) 1296 713333          


If you have any questions about the auction or the foals, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Eva-Maria Broomer, who can be contacted under:

[email protected] or phone: +44 (0) 7834 194821