Tuesday, February 23

Supporting Breeding for beautiful, athletic and manageable dressage horses

Over the course of this winter the Anglo European Studbook has approved a special collection of highly talented Spanish and Portuguese stallions. These stallions will be available for crossbreeding to warmblood mares, and their offspring can be registered in the AES main studbook for full studbook papers. The aim is to facilitate the crossbreeding of warmbloods, aimed at producing beautiful, athletic and manageable dressage horses for a wide range of riders in recognition of the positives the Iberian horses  can bring to modern dressage breeding, such as their natural ability to collect and their excellent temperaments and trainability.

The first generation of these crossbred horses will be invited to carry the suffix CDN in the Netherlands, in the same vein as the registration suffixes in Spain, Caballo de Deporte Espanol (CDE) and France, where these crossbreeds are registered as Cheval de Dressage Francais (CDF). The purpose of the  CDN (Crossbred Dressage horses of the Netherlands) suffix is to highlight and recognize the crossbreeds in competition settings and on pedigrees.

Breeders in the United Kingdom are equally encouraged to register crossbred Iberian-warmblood horses, with some excellent PRE stallions already on the books. The suffix CDU (Crossbred Dressage horses of the United Kingdom) will be available.

In Spain, Portugal and France crossbreeding has been practiced for years and riders are enthusiastic about the offspring. The AES is proud to register these crossbred CDN’s /CDU’s and anticipates a bright future for these horses.

The AES is delighted to welcome three exceptional new stallions to the studbook in the PRE Poeta de Susaeta and the Lusitanos Gallito and H-trovas do Penedo. They are approved stallions for the ANCCE and APSL, members of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses. They are all active at FEI level and have been clinically and radiographically examined. Information about the stallions can be found on the AES database. More Information on crossbreeding can be found at, a website created in collaboration between the owners of Iberian stallions.

In the summer of 2022, the AES will organise CDN/CDU foal shows, so that one can get a first impression of the quality of the offspring.