Thursday, April 24

Tripple X III acquired by Eric Lamaze’ company

After a dispute between rider Ben Maher and the co-owners Emma and Mike Phillips, court has obliged the Tripple X III (Namelus R) to be sold. One offer of 1.4 milion euro has been done by Eric Lamaze’ company Torrey Pines Stables. The Phillips family originally did not agree with the price, compared to the 8,6 million offered for Eurocommerce’ London. But finally they admitted the horse to be sold. Maher confirmed the sale via Facebook. Horse and Hound came up with the details. Tripple X was Ben Maher’s own AES breed and with the stallion he won team gold in London at the Olympics, but also the GP of Olympia last year and the King George Cup in Hickstead. If Eric Lamaze will be the new rider for Tripple X III, is not yet clear.