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Botero's offspring performing well in Italy

During the latest Mipaaf leg, at Sommacampagna (Italy), we had an interesting demonstration of the quality of one of the stallions graded on the 6th May at Equieffe Equestrian Centre, Botero. A stunning grey stallion by Dobel's Cento x Le Tot De Semilly.

The first of Botero’s offspring have now reached 4 years old however, during this leg we could give our attention to his 3 years old progeny: Turbine (1st classified in the free jumping test and 6th in the morphology test), Bellissimo (3rd classified in the free jumpint test), Baccus (8th classified in the free jumping test and 4th in the morphology test) and last but not least Bad Boy Grey (10th classified in the morphology test).

This was the first testing try away from home for almost all of them (but is important to say that Turbine had a particular mention even at the test for Fence's auction, almost a month ago) and they all behaved exceptionally well showing a willing attitude passed down by the sire, even with such different mothers.

In fact we're talking about two thoroughbred mares and two German mares with a slightly less impressive pedigree. Turbine, the winner of the jumping class was born from Matimoviestar, a thoroughbred from Roi Danzing. Who  has never jumped a fence throughout her lifetime.

Bellissimo's dam is also a thoroughbred named Spiddal, by Luso XX. This chestnut gelding, jumped really well in the final day, accumulating 51 positive points from one of the judges, gaining the highest score of the day comparing with Turbine's score of the previous day.

Baccus, the only stallion of Botero’s offspring who joined in the competition. Baccus is a grey stallion born from a German mare named Walkenfee, daughter of Landcup B for a mare by Wiener Dom. He really impressed the judges in the morphology test, gaining the 4th position, by virtue of the correctness of his physical model.
He jumped well the first day of the jumping competition, leading the class for almost the entire time: he gained the 3th position that day!

Bad Boy Grey is a gelding from a mare by LANDFRIEDEN, whose mother is by Landgraf I.

On this occasion Botero, had an important confrontation with some internationally famous sires as well as the mothers of the many young horses who joined the competition. I feel it is important to voice that they have provided  really amazing genetics and some of the most famous names of the Italian sport horse breeding.

In the end we can say that this competition was just the first step of the sport career for these young and talented horses, but is a really fantastic satisfaction and confirmation for Botero's owner, Alessandro Dell'Anna, who always believed in his quality. We wish for them an important - and always better - sport and breeding career!

During the Mipaff leg, valid for the final competition of Verona, the approved stallion Botero, graded during the first official event in Italy the last may, has been really noticed and appreciated for the quality of his offspring!

Botero, italian (SI) and AES stallion, a son of the legendary Dobel's Cento for a mare by the fantastic Le Tot De Semilly almost unknown, places 3 offspring in the first 10 positions for the final day of the competition.

We're talking about Turbine (Botero x Matimoviestar by Roi Danzing, a thoroughbred  mother first classified, Bellissimo (Botero x Spiddal, by Luso XX, another thoroughbred mare) third classified and Baccus (Botero x Walkenfee, by Landcup B for a mare by Wiener Dom) 8th classified. This good result despite the large number of top sires in the competition (Balou, Ustinov, Clearway, Action Breaker, Cristo, Canturo, Quaprice Bois Margot..): Turbine was the winner of the competition and Bellissimo gained an amazing score in the final day. Even in the morphology test he placed 3 sons in the first 10 positions!

Botero is available in frozen and fresh semen for all the european breeders! Owner Alessandro Dell'Anna.

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