Saturday, May 17

Abdullah Al Sharbatly first winner at Windsor

The Saoudi rider Abdullah Al Sharbatly has won the first big international competition on Friday. Aboard the AES-mare Andea (Marome), born at and produced by Gert-Jan Bruggink, he edged out Shane Breen (Confident of Victory) and Laura Kraut (Wotsamillion). Abdullah Sharbatly also appeared in competition for the first time on several other new mounts such as Tobalio and Callahan, two horses he bought on the Eurocommerce internet auction. Queen Elizabeth II of Great-Britain visited the Royal Windsor Horse Show earlier this week. The contest is held in one of her backyards at Windsor Castle. The Queen made her appearance at this horse show every year so far since the beginning of it in 1943, 71 years ago. One of her four-year-olds showed in the hunting class.