Sunday, July 7

AES Mare Gradings Available at the British Breeding Futurity

We are delighted to announce that we will be sending AES evaluators to all British Breeding Futurity events to offer mare gradings to Futurity participants. This option will be available to unridden mares that attend either with a foal at foot or the 3-5 year old assessments, as well as ridden mares attending the 3-5yo assessments. 

The Futurity is a world leading evaluation series of young sport horses and ponies, providing breeders with excellent feedback and opportunities, including qualification for the newly relaunched Equine Bridge, and is available to British bred youngster from 4 weeks old. Entrants will receive feedback from a panel of 4 expert evaluators and a senior veterinarian, as well as photographs and videos to use for marketing and promotions. Highly scoring entries qualify for an end-of-season Finale, and the top horses and ponies in each discipline and age category receive awards at a special Celebration Ball in November. 

At AES gradings, all mares receive a full and detailed linear profile and a grading level, and will enter the main graded section of the studbook. All grading results are published on our database, enhancing not only the value of and information about your mare, but also of her present and future offspring. 

Contact Eva, [email protected] to find out more and to check if your mare is eligible for entry into the main graded section. 

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