Friday, August 5

AES & Brightwells Elite Foal Auction Catalogue Now Available

We are pleased to announce the launch of our very first AES Elite Foal Auction Catalogue. The auction is organised in cooperation with Brightwells Auctioneers and will be held on Friday, 19th August as a standalone part of the Brightwells Elite Auction and alongside the Young Horse Championships at Addington Manor EC.

At the AES, we appreciate the support we receive from our many breeders across the country and want to give something back to the breeding community. We believe that our breeders need more opportunities to present their foals to wider global audiences and to place their foals with serious competition riders where they can achieve their full potential. The Addington Elite Sales alongside the Young Horse Championships provide the perfect venue opportunity to achieve this.

Since the original announcement and invitation to our breeders to present their foals for auction selection, we have been overwhelmed by the interest, support and enthusiasm we received from the entire breeding community. In the past weeks and months we had invitations to come and see foals as far afield as Britain’s south coast, Wales and Scotland. Breeders even made their yards and facilities available for open public selections. Wherever we went we met passionate and knowledgeable breeders whose dedication has been truly humbling and inspiring.

We were particularly struck by the breadth and depth of quality we encountered in breeding for all three Olympic riding disciplines, which allowed us to put together a truly outstanding selection of quality foals that showcase some of the very best Britain has to offer. They demonstrate that our breeders in this country can hold their head up high in international circles.

We are excited that for the first time in recent years, we can offer serious and knowledgeable British buyers what they have been asking for: the opportunity to see an outstanding and truly diverse selection of serious competition prospect foals together under one roof.

Our special thanks go to Brightwells Auctioneers who are running the ‘business side’ of this auction and whose expertise in this field is simply invaluable. Without their support this would not have been possible.

We believe that Britain deserves and needs a strong and successful Elite Foal Auction and look forward to making this event a firm part of the annual equestrian calendar.

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