Monday, June 16

AES on two and three in Bolesworth

Last year Robert Whitaker, this year his nephew William Whitaker wins the GP in Bolesworth, Great Britain. It’s the first time this show got the international label and immediately it offered three stars. William Whitaker (Upperclass) edged out two AES horses. Second placed Nick Skelton rode Aristio (Arko III) and third placed Robert Bevis was on the back of Pebbles IV (Cheers Cassini). Also Keith Shore and Mystic Hurricane (Tornado) reached the jump-off. They ended up in seventh spot. Also in the Friday Ranking class the AES horses placed second and third. Again Nick Skelton and Aristio were the runner-up combination. Third placed honors went to Anthony Condon and Ashdale Luxara (Luidam). It was Robert Whitaker who won this 1.55m class. Another Whitaker, Steven, which is John and Michael’s brother, took the victory home the first day aboard the AES horse Abazu, an offspring of his daughter’s famous stallion Locarno.