AES - DENVER LG - Approved Approved Stallion


UELN: 528003000800249
Chipnumber: 528210002133361
Color: BROWN
Date of Birth: 23-07-2008 (16 YEARS OLD)
Sex: SEX M
Breeder: H EN L. POLLING

Stud location: LG SPORTHORSES
Stud Fee: £ 1.000,00
Telephone: 01625820318
Email: [email protected]
WFFS: Not tested


DENVER LG is rapidly gaining a reputation amongst breeders as a stallion that gives great movement and refinement to mares. He is a superb example of a modern dressage type who is extremely correct in his conformation.
Lauded as a Dressage Stallion this lovely horse has a pedigree to inject performance across all three disciplines. With his young stock taking premium gradings at BEF Futurity shows. He has had regional winners in both the dressage and eventing sections.  This Uk Dressage Stallion, is passing on the best of genetics through both his sire and dam lines. His own good looks and superb conformation are testament to this. He also has a wonderful temperament making him a joy to train and handle. In a Horse Scout review they stated “Watching the Uk stallion parade at Twemlows Hall last year I was impressed with him. He moves easily into the collected trot paces showing a freedom through his back and giving us a glimpse of the horse he will become. In his Piaffe he showed very correct collection with good hind foot flexion, the action of a true Piaffe. I am in no doubt that, with maturity, this eye catching AES Stallion will move, from truly impressive, to stunning in the dressage arena. He is short coupled with a wonderful shoulder and length of neck set well behind an archetypal KWPN head. His hind leg has freedom and power and the potential for real promise to excel in the footsteps of his sire Johnson (also known as Glocks Johnson – Verdi V)”. Johnson was champion dressage stallion at his own licensing in 2005 . Johnson is the son of the Grand Prix Keur Stallion Jazz (Cocktail and Keur Flemmingh) On his Sire Dam Line he has Approved Oldenburg Stallion Sion and also Grand Prix Jumper it’s Otto and his Dam Line Granciano/Landino and also Grannus. Johnson was top competition stallion in 2006 & 7 and in 2007 also took the World Championship Title in Verden. And also won at M level in Stallion classes in 2008 and now has two approved stallions.

Denver LG's dam line (Godiva) is through Landino (Langraf 1) a prolific sire of approved and premium stock was placed 2nd at his grading with an impressive overall score of 137.79. His Son Lord Sinclair broke auction records at 2.8 million DM. Lanciano also bred state premium mares, 22 approved sons and his stock also broke records in the sale rooms and are proven in the show jumping arena. Godivas Dam “Grannschka” bred 4 approved stallions. Denver LG is a modern Sports Horse with the best of both Dressage and Jumping Lines in his pedigree. He was the reserve Champion Dressage foal in the Netherlands and qualified to go forward to the National KWPN Championships in Ermelo in Holland. As a three year old he competed at the National PAVO Dressage Championships and qualified to go forward to the VSN Championships (Dutch Sports Horse Traders Association)

Denver’s movement is breathtaking demonstrating a fantastic hind leg action and the ability to collect and lengthen through his frame. He is long limbed and short coupled through his back with a fantastic long neck and amazing front. He has a fabulous character with complete wow factor good looks and show stopping presence. Denver is now training with Ruth Edge and preparing to compete this year.
Denver has this year provided his first licensed son the 3 year old Johnny Cash LG. His progeny of note include:
Axel Rose Colt Highest placed Dressage foal British Futurity- Myerscough Jersey LG Filly Highest placed Dressage Yearling British Futurity- Myerscough
Montana LG Colt Highest placed Eventing Foal British Futurity- Myerscough
Jackson LG Colt Highest placed Eventing Foal British Futurity- Southview
Denver has been awarded Approved status with the Anglo European Studbook on his progeny’ performance at the gradings.

AES Spokesperson Dr Eva-Maria Broomer said:

The AES are delighted to award Approved Stallion status to the outstanding Denver LG. Denver combines extraordinary presence and beauty with true talent and athleticism. He is a real star in the making with qualities to excel in the sport, paired with a fabulous temperament and work ethic. Early indications show that he is passing on these qualities to his offspring who performed very well in BEF Futurity evaluations last year. We are all looking forward to seeing this year's crop from a range of quality mares. 
The AES pride themselves in spotting and supporting young talent like Denver LG, and we are excited to be a part of his journey. We wish his owner, Mike Battersby of LG Sporthorses all the very best for his future with this wonderful horse."

Denver’s semen is of the highest quality. He is extremely fertile and has a 98% pregnancy rate with his mares.

Pedigree of 'DENVER LG'

JOHNSON KWPN 528003200200432 2002
BROWN 1,73m
JAZZ KWPN 528003199106398 1991
COCKTAIL KWPN 528003198404191 1984
PURIOSO OLDBG DE333330089274 1974
ULISSA KWPN 26546 1978
CHARMANTE KWPN 528003198404155 1984
ULSTER ***** AES (KWPN) 326 1978
WARMANTE KWPN 528003198005657 1980
ROXANE KWPN 528003199803255 1998
BROWN 1,75m
FLEMMINGH HOLST DE321210065187 1987
BROWN 1,71m
LACAPO HOLST DE321210061580 1980
TEXAS HOLST DE321210120281 1981
CATHARIN KWPN 528003198406708 1984
BROWN 1,68m
SULTAN KWPN 279 1976
WAREINA KWPN 528003198005247 1980
GODIVA KWPN 330621900
LANCIANO WESTF 411157690 1990
BROWN 1,69m
LANDINO HOLST 210168586 1986
BROWN 1,68m
LANDGRAF I HOLST DE321210391966 1966
SANJA HOLST 210111580 1980
PILOT ***** AES (WESTF) DE341410084174 1974
PRINZESS WESTF 410187375 1975
GRANNUS HANN DE331311307672 1972
BLACK 1,68m
GRAPHIT HANN DE331310412264 1901
ODESSA HANN DE331317141667 1901
WENDY H 316765285