AES - IVAN CARLOS - Licensed Licensed Stallion
UELN: 5280003201307926
Chipnumber: 528210002979173
Date of Birth: 16-09-2013 (11 YEARS OLD)
Sex: SEX M
WFFS: Not tested


February 1, 2018 ( Click here to open form )
Judges Eva Broomer Detailed conformation traits
Body: shape Rectangular Square
Body: direction Uphill Downhill
Head-neck connection Light Heavy
Length of neck Long Short
Position of neck Vertical Horizontal
Muscling of neck Heavy Poor
Height of withers High Low
Shoulder angle Sloping Upright
Line of back Roached Weak
Line of loins Roached Weak
Croup angle Sloping Flat
Croup length Long Short
Front leg stance Over at knee Hollow
Hind leg stance Sickle Upright
Pastern angle Weak Upright
Shape of feet Wide Narrow
Heels High Low
Leg conformation Lean Filled
Substance of legs (bone) Heavy Fine
Detailed free-movement traits
Walk: scope Long Short
Walk: correctness Toed in Toed out
Trot: scope Long Short
Trot: elasticity Elastic Stiff
Trot: impulsion/power Powerful Weak
Trot: balance Carrying Pushing
Canter: scope Long Short
Canter: impulsion/push Powerful Weak
Canter: balance Carrying Pushing

Pedigree of 'IVAN CARLOS'

AMPERE KWPN 528003200504946 2005
BROWN 1,67m
ROUSSEAU KWPN 528003199807418 1998
BROWN 1,73m
FERRO KWPN 528003198700151 1987
BLACK 1,69m
ULFT KWPN 325 1978
BRENDA KWPN 528003198300151 1983
ZSUZSA KWPN 528003198106478 1981
ROEMER WESTF DE341410013375 1975
LANDY KWPN 7138 1970
LARIVOLA KWPN 528003199302987 1993
BROWN 1,66m
FLEMMINGH HOLST DE321210065187 1987
BROWN 1,71m
LACAPO HOLST DE321210061580 1980
TEXAS HOLST DE321210120281 1981
FARIVOLA KWPN 528003198700654 1987
AMOR HOLST DE321210378859/1196 1901
ARIVOLA KWPN 528003198204730 1982
WIECARLA KWPN 528003200309425 2003
DARK 1,61m
JAZZ KWPN 528003199106398 1991
COCKTAIL KWPN 528003198404191 1984
PURIOSO OLDBG DE333330089274 1974
ULISSA KWPN 26546 1978
CHARMANTE KWPN 528003198404155 1984
ULSTER ***** AES (KWPN) 326 1978
WARMANTE KWPN 528003198005657 1980
PUCARLA KWPN 528003199705110 1997
DARK 1,61m
IROKO WESTF DE341410543290 1990
PILOT ***** AES (WESTF) DE341410084174 1974
BIANCA WESTF DE341410189277 1977
PUCARLA KWPN 16546 1974
DARK 1,65m
JOOST HOLST DE321210396868 1901
OKARLA NWP 35649D 1962


Latest AES news
Saturday, July 3

A Great Week for AES Horses at the NAF Five Star Winter Championships

AES horses had a fabulous week at the BD Winter Nationals this week. It is a great pleasure to bring you a few of the highlights: On the first day of the championships, we celebrated a fantastic win for Andrew Gould with his up-and-coming talent, the AES graded stallion Genie I (Zhivago x Sandro Hit), in the Magic Prix St Georges Gold Winter Championship. The stallion, who was bred in Holland by S. van Dellen and is owned by Tatiana Skillman, was presented for grading last year, and it has been a great pleasure to see him going from strength to strength.  Jezz Palmer and Tiny Dancer , a six-year-old Uthopia x T Movistar mare owned and bred by Anni MacDonald-Hall, achieved an excellent second place in the Baileys Horse Feeds Novice Freestyle Gold Championship. In the Equi-Trek Elementary Silver Winter Championship it was lovely to see some old favourites with Lauren Williams competing the AES graded Vancouver LG (Connaisseur x Montechristo) who was bred by G H Zanten. The combination secured second place in a very strong class.  The second day of the competition saw Angela Gladding in third place on her own bred Parisienne Jupiter by Johnson in the Petplan Equine Intermediate I Bronze Area Festival Championship Andrew Gould and Genie continued their extremely exciting season and came second in the Magic Prix St Georges Freestyle Gold Championship The penultimate day of the championships saw lovely results for Luis Vilhena with the recently AES graded stallion Loves Black STH , “Malegro” to his friends, who won the KBIS Prelim Silver class. The pair also came third in the Prestige Italia Novice Silver The last day saw again some lovely results for AES bred horses. A big well done to Kate Smith who came third in the Nupafeed Advanced Medium Freestyle Gold with her own bred Last Love (by Last Minute out of a Warkant mare). The British Dressage Medium Gold class was won by Amy Woodhead on Anne Seifert-Cohn’s AES graded Ivan Carlos (Ampere x Jazz). To finish off a great week, in the Petplan Equine Advanced Medium Bronze Annabel Abell rode to victory with Sheepcote Lets Go (Lord Loxley x Rubinstein), bred at Sheepcote Equestrian Services.  Congratulations to all the breeders, riders and owner on a fantastic BD Winter Championships.